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  • Adey Service Kit PK2-02-00829

    •    3 x Small EPDM Air vent 'O' ring•    2 x Small EPDM Drain plug 'O' ring •    1 x Medium EPDM Magnet 'O' ring•    1 x Large EPDM 74...

    £12.99 (ex VAT)

  • Adey Service Kit SEAPKPRO

    The seal kit should be used to replace the filter seals as required. •    1 x Small EPDM Air Vent 'O' ring•    1 x Medium EPDM Magnet 'O' ring•    1...

    £12.99 (ex VAT)

  • Fernox TF1 Filter Seal & O Ring Kit 59288

    Contains all the necessary seals to keep a TF1 filter water tight after chemical dosing, servicing or maintenance, including a Cap ‘O’ ring, Bleed Valve ‘O’ ring and 2x valve...

    £2.45 (ex VAT)

  • REG Meter Box Key (pack of 2) REGQ616


    £1.66 (ex VAT)

  • Regin 1” Meter Sealing Disc REGQ181

    Meter Sealing Disc 1" 3 per pack.

    £1.66 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Air Duster 120ml REGZ06

    REGZ06 - Regin Premier Non-Flammable Air Spray 120ml Regin Premier Air Spray is a liquified, non-flammable* gas and provides a dry, powerful blast for easy removal of dust and other...

    £7.46 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Aluminium Foil Tape REGJ70

    REGJ70 is a 30 micron aluminium foil tape, coated on one side with a flame- retardant acrylic adhesive and is backed with a silicone coated release paper. The tape offers...

    £4.87 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Continuity Bond 10mm REGC10

    Length 1.2m  For ensuring temporary continuity of earth.

    £10.62 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Danger - Do Not Use Sticker REGP36

    Do Not Use Sticker / Tag Pack of 8 stickers/tags Adhesive label which sends a clear message to the gas user/responsible person that the appliance/installation is either safe or unsafe....

    £4.71 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Flue Brush Set REGT55

    Set of 3 brushes Set comprises: 16mm (5/8”) x 500mm round,  50mm (2”) x 500mm flat  50mm (2”) x 500mm round brushes.

    £5.79 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Gas PTFE Tape One Wrap REGJ65

    PTFE Tape Gas Spec. One Wrap 5 metre roll  Complies to BS.EN. 751-3 1997.  Can be used on threaded assemblies carrying Natural Gas, LPG, liquids etc.

    £0.95 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Heat Sink Compound 25g REGZ20

    Heat Sink Compound 25g High thermal stability silicone compound.  Used to maintain a positive heat sink seal.  Evenly dissipates heat at the probe for clamp-on and dry pocket boiler overheat...

    £7.83 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Leak Detection Fluid 120ml REGL05

    Leak Detection Fluid 120ml  Complete with brush for application.  Non flammable.

    £1.97 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Neon Mains Test Screwdriver REGQ600

    Neon Mains Test Screwdriver 1 per pack.

    £1.66 (ex VAT)

  • Regin PVC Insulation Tape REGQ641

    PVC Insulation Tape 20m - Black 20 metre roll.  BS3924. Flame retardant.

    £2.46 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Quick Blow Glass Fuse 20mm 1A REGQ140

    Quick Blow Glass Fuse - 20mm 1A 3 per pack.

    £1.66 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Quick Blow Glass Fuse 20mm 2A (pack of 3) REGQ141

    Quick Blow Glass Fuse - 20mm 2A 3 per pack.

    £1.66 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Rubber Tube 2m Pack REGU50

    Rubber Tube 2m pack 6mm internal diameter.  Suitable for use with Natural Gas.

    £4.86 (ex VAT)

  • Regin S/Tap Pozi Screw - 1/2" x 8 (Pack of 30) REGQ32

    Self tapping pozi screw 1/2” x 8 30 Screws per pack

    £1.66 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Smoke Matches Tub of 75 REGS06

    Smoke Matches Tub of 75 matches. Used for airflow and spillage testing of gas appliances. Approx. 15 second burn time.  Supplied in a resealable waterproof tub.  Produces a white smoke...

    £2.87 (ex VAT)

  • Regin Triangular Brush For Ventilator REGT82

    Nylon triangular brush 240mm long cleaning ventilator of wall hung boilers

    £3.04 (ex VAT)

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